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D'anna Freeman

D’Anna Freeman is a Doctoral Level Extern attending The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she is pursuing her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (Pys.D). She has earned a B.A in Psychology and minor in Sociology at Norfolk State University. 


During D’Anna’s academic journey, she has gained experience in working with diverse backgrounds and socio-economic populations amongst children, adults, and families from various walks of life. In addition, D’Anna has gained knowledge in psychological assessments and report writing, clinical interviewing, adult and child psychopathology, and family systems. D’Anna is particularly passionate about social-economic barriers such as but not limited to, social justice related issues, anxiety and adjustment-related stressors, adverse childhood trauma, sexual trauma, and family systems.

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My Philosophy

D’Anna believes the best way to help others is to be an excellent listener, to be compassionate, empathetic, and to collaborate 

with individuals to assist them in gaining the tools that they need to make positive change in their lives.  She loves when her clients leave their sessions feeling empowered, confident in their abilities to face life’s challenges, and able to facilitate overall balance and healing from within. D’Anna’s work is guided by these core principles: Identify, Simplify, Believe, and Grow!

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