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Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy has become globally renowned and exclusively offered by William McVey at Capital Center for Psychotherapy and Wellness. EMDR heals the neural network, reprocessing past trauma and other disturbing experiences allowing the client to regain feelings of control, safety, stability, and advances them towards living their desired best life. This therapy has been empirically proven and recognized as an effective treatment for trauma by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), World Health Organization, and Department of Defense

Not only is this therapy effective, it is effective in a shorter time frame than traditional talk therapy. Typically 3-6 sessions have demonstrated 77-100% remission of PTSD with single traumas and 12 or more sessions with multiple traumas. EMDR uses imagery and bilateral stimulation, in a controlled and safe space, to reprocess and move beyond trauma.


The therapy has also shown to help with many other areas such as: 
  • eating disorders

  • depression

  • persistent negative beliefs about self

  • addictions

  • insomnia

Problematic behaviors such as:
  • impulse control issues 

  • social issues

  • OCD

  • erectile dysfunction; 

  • relationship concerns; 

  • performance anxiety; 

  • borderline personality disorder; 

  • phobias; 

  • anxiety; 

  • somatic issues 

This is achieved by processing past events, and negative cognitions while utilizing bilateral

stimulation through your eye movements. By doing this, we allow for negative cognitions to

be removed and more adaptive, positive cognitions to move in. We then reinforce these

positive cognitions and really allow these to settle into the bones. We then incorporate

these into future planning and future scenarios, all while utilizing bilateral stimulation in the

safety of our comfortable offices.

EMDR provides a key to unlock a new way to move forward in life. If you are interested in this therapy please set up a session with William through our online portal or reach out for more information.


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