Life Coaching

What is life coaching? 

Life coaching is a co-creative relationship designed to get clients into action and realizing their full potential. Much like athletes have coaches to help them achieve their goals: professionals, business owners, and creatives all over the world are hiring life coaches to move their projects forward and create the results that they want faster and with more ease. Simply put, life coaching is like personal training for all parts of your life including your relationships, professional aspirations, and overall wellness.

Differing from therapy in that coaching is neither diagnostic nor prescriptive, life coaching focuses on creating the future you want while building your skills to take on any challenges you face. Your coach will help you get clear on where it is you actually want to go, empowering you to stop playing small and to go after what really motivates and fulfills you. Through 60 min sessions, you’ll create awareness on the road blocks and limiting mindsets holding you back and learn how to overcome them by capitalizing on your personal strengths that differentiate you from everyone else.

Awareness alone doesn’t bring about transformation, so you and your coach will design action plans together targeting the shifts you need to get the results you want. With weekly sessions and accountability woven into the coaching client relationship, you’ll receive structure and support in taking the actions you’ve put off and get back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching creates awareness, structured support, and accountability to get you into the action needed for the future you want. While you may get caught in the weeds of your current experience, coaches are trained to see the bigger picture and provide reflections that increase your own awareness of opportunities to move your goals forward. Where working by ourselves can fall flat, coaches create structures that support your consistent progress whether you’re in session or on the go.

What can you expect?

Coaching consists of weekly 60-75 minute sessions where you review the actions you’ve taken and then receiving coaching around whatever topics you want. You set the agenda, and your coach supports you by getting curious and discussing what shifts will make the desired difference in your life.

Who uses a life coach?

Small business owners, parents, college students, creatives, managers, board members, lawyers, politicians, home-makers, and CEOS all reach their goals by using a life coach. Simply put: if there’s a difference between where you want to be and where you are now, you’re a perfect candidate for life coaching.

What would you work on with a life coach?

Setting and achieving goals

Getting clear on “what’s next”

Improving your romantic and personal relationships

Financial security

Completing a creative project

Balancing work and life

Creating more ease and fun

Releasing emotional burdens

Getting “unstuck” or out of a rut

Getting promoted

Making a life transition

Identifying life purpose and passion

Finding a life partner

Living a fulfilling life

Getting organized

Enjoying life more!