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William McVey

William began working in mental health after receiving his MA in Counseling Psychology in 2013. As an openly gay, cis gender male, much of his career has been focused on LGBTQ+ issues.


William completed his internship at an HIV Non Profit in Nashville, TN and continued working there for the next three years. He moved to the district in 2017, working in community mental health and private practice. He has provided psychotherapy regarding LGBTQ+ issues, dependency, couples therapy, trauma, anger management, grief, adjustment issues, mood disorders, severe mental illness, HIV, and medical comorbidities. 

On top of providing didactic therapy, William facilitates groups for dependency, anger management, and gay/queer issues. He has also provided psychotherapy to children/young adults and worked with families regarding mental health (ADHD, ODD, Gender Dysphoria, Adjustment Disorder, etc.) and behavioral issues.


William has also started his PhD in Clinical Sexology and is a Sex Therapist, working with couples to enhance their love lives, help men with performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction, women struggling to achieve orgasm, as well as help clients that are suffering from Compulsive Sex disorders.

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Sex Therapy | EMDR Therapy

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My Philosophy

After working in these different arenas, William has seen how important wholistic health is, and the impact of incorporating the many different aspects of a life into treatment. He provides therapy from a trauma informed viewpoint.


William is a goal driven, solution focused clinician; he utilizes an integrative, evidence based approach to psychotherapy, curating interventions to the needs of his clients.


William is certified to provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and will use this as requested or as he sees the need throughout the treatment of a client.


For more information on EMDR, click here. William views his clients as the experts of their own lives and strives to facilitate their process in actualizing their desired best selves.

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