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Angelique Kennedy

Angelique Kennedy is an exceptional therapist whose academic journey includes a Master's in Social Work from San Jose State University and Doctorates in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her mastery lies in harnessing holistic healing and positive psychology to empower individuals, helping them embrace their true potential.

What truly sets Angelique apart is her unwavering commitment to cultural sensitivity, as evidenced by her certification in Xinachtli indigenous healing curriculums. This unique skill enables her to create treatments that honor and align with the cultural backgrounds and native beliefs of indigenous individuals, demonstrating her dedication to providing tailored, thoughtful care.

Angelique's compassionate reach extends across diverse groups, encompassing adolescents, LGBTQ+ individuals at the Huckleberry Housing Program, incarcerated individuals, veterans, and those grappling with substance use. Her fervor for assisting indigenous individuals in finding therapy attuned to their distinct backgrounds underscores her commitment to inclusive, impactful care.


My Philosophy

Guided by her therapeutic philosophy rooted in positive psychology and holistic healing, Angelique aids clients in their journey toward self-empowerment, assisting them in shaping the life they aspire to live. With notable accomplishments such as her work in substance use rehabilitation and her pioneering Females Against Violence program in San Francisco, Angelique stands as a beacon of empowerment, especially for young women.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Angelique cherishes reading and beachside moments, deriving strength from her multicultural heritage as a native Hawaiian, Black Puerto Rican. Her quest for universal knowledge is palpable through her extensive travels, enriching her perspective and enhancing her therapeutic approach. Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Angelique Kennedy is a devoted therapist who channels her multifaceted background and wealth of experience to uplift individuals on their path of self-discovery and growth.  

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