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Brittay Piccicacco

Brittany is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP- BC) from the DC area. Brittany’s professional focus is to understand each patient’s individual story to then make appropriate diagnoses and incorporate psychopharmacology into a holistic treatment plan. Brittany works to align patient goals with symptom management by utilizing psychopharmacological interventions to achieve optimal wellness.  Brittany places emphasis on providing quality patient education to foster a collaborative, therapeutic relationship.

Education and Certifications

Pennsylvania State University

Bachelors of Science in Nursing

As a registered nurse, she worked in the Emergency Department of Medstar Georgetown University Hospital for several years. Working in the emergency department sparked Brittany’s passion for mental health care. She transitioned to acute inpatient mental health care for children and adolescents at various settings in the DMV area.

University of South Alabama

She went on to complete her Master’s degree at The University of South Alabama as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Brittany’s clinical work during her graduate studies was diverse. This work includes medication management as part of treatment planning for children and adolescents with both acute and chronic behavioral and emotional disorders at a residential treatment facility.  During this time, Brittany initiated developmentally appropriate psychoeducational groups including meditation, exercise, and medication education. Brittany’s clinical experience also includes outpatient diagnostic evaluations and medication management for adults, children, and adolescents with complex, various mental health needs. With experience in both outpatient and inpatient settings, Brittany has familiarity in working with individuals across the wellness continuum.

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

My Philosophy

Over her last 4 years as a mental health professional, Brittany has developed a passion for treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Brittany focuses on the effectiveness of integrating psychopharmacology as part of a comprehensive behavioral management plan. As a provider, Brittany emphasizes the importance of family participation in the comprehensive behavioral management plan of these patients.


In her personal life, Brittany enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, practicing hot yoga, reading, and trying out new coffee shops and D.C. brunch spots. She loves spending time outdoors, particularly laying on the beach, running, and hiking local trails.

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