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dependency can materialize through chemical dependency or through compulsory behaviors. No mater how dependency manifests, it is painful and difficult to work past. We offer a person centered approach that incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the use of Eye Movement Reprocessing Desensitization (EMDR) therapy to help our clients move past their dependency and towards their best life.


dependency is generally a manifested symptom of a deeper rooted problem, and is much like a glacier floating in the ocean. The majority of the issue is floating under the surface and not being addressed. We work with clients to excavate these deeper issues and build new ways of thinking and coping. Coupling this with EMDR, we are able to help people uncouple themselves from even having the desire to engage in their dependency. This is done through the feeling state protocol of EMDR and has been proven to demonstrate results within 6-12 sessions.


As mentioned above, dependency encompass two general categories: chemical dependency; compulsory behaviors. What this means is that our dependency work goes beyond just the work around alcohol or drug dependency. We also work with people struggling with their engagement with gambling, sex/porn, coffee, video games, food, work, shopping, cleaning, lying, or any other behavioral issue that is causing stress and cannot be stopped, even when experiencing difficulties as a result. The general measure of dependency is gaged by the engagement in any behavior that is causing destruction/negative consequences, but the individual is unable to quit said behavior. This can leave people feeling helpless and powerless. We are here to help you move past this and to regain control of your life. You are capable, powerful, and deserving!

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