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Dr. Kenya Ford

Dr. Ford is LGBTQIA+ and sex worker affirming and enjoys working with all minorities in society. She has experience working through trauma, Racial identity issues, women's issues, and is very vocal about her stance on social justice when necessary.

Dr. Kenya Ford has experience working with people 3 to 70 years of age. She enjoys working with individuals who need support through issues due to their experience being part of one or more minority groups (and intersections in between), women’s issues, the experience of being a Black person, LGBTQIA+ matters, anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, peer relations, spirituality, stress, behavioral issues, and trauma. Dr. Ford also has experience and also enjoys working with couples and families as they work through relational concerns. Lastly, Dr. Kenya Ford has facilitated groups to teach children social skills and to help adults process the joys, sorrows, and other experiences of being a Black person in today’s society. Coping skills and stress management skills will most likely be helpful for all clients at some point and will most likely be incorporated into therapy sessions.

Dr. Kenya Ford completed her master’s degree from the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University in VA. She recently completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DC campus. Her dissertation focused on psychological and cultural factors that may contribute to why African Americans may fail to seek or complete psychotherapy, like access to care, mistrust of the healthcare system, past negative experiences in this country, misdiagnosis of ethnic minorities, to name a few. She also wrote about ways to decolonize and dismantle the current structures of therapy to make it more socially justice-minded, by incorporating non-traditional elements to therapy that are culturally significant. Clients may benefit from added elements in therapy such as art, singing, dancing, talking about spirituality, listening to music, and other practices that may be frowned upon by older, traditional psychologists.

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My Philosophy

Dr. Kenya Ford uses an integrative approach to therapy to tailor sessions to the specific needs of each of her clients. She is typically humanistic and person-centered in her approach and does interpersonal relational work. She is always strength based and really enjoys working with Black people and people of color but is willing to work with anyone who is ready to work through current life stressors.

In her spare time, Dr. Ford enjoys meditation and yoga, dancing and singing, spending quality time with family and friends, and listening to music, as well as watching movies from different genres. She is an art enthusiast who enjoys consuming other’s art, as well as creating her own many forms of art, such as sketches, paintings, music, and poetry.

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