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Hannah McCarthy, M.A. (she/her)

Hannah McCarthy is a highly compassionate therapist with a wealth of experience in the field of psychology. Hannah’s journey in the field of therapy began during her undergraduate studies, where she developed a deep interest in understanding the human mind and behavior. This passion propelled her to pursue a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota Duluth where she honed her skills in assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

Throughout her career, Hannah has worked with individuals across diverse backgrounds and age groups, providing therapy in various settings including private practice, community mental health centers, and educational institutions. She has gained extensive experience in addressing a wide range of mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, life transition difficulties, disordered eating, self-esteem concerns, spirituality, and interpersonal difficulties.

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My Philosophy

Hannah firmly believes in a client-centered approach, tailoring her therapeutic interventions to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual. She fosters a warm and nonjudgmental environment, establishing a strong therapeutic alliance built on trust and empathy. Drawing from an eclectic theoretical orientation, which includes cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and humanistic perspectives, she skillfully integrates different therapeutic modalities to suit the specific needs of her clients. Additionally, because she believes in continuity of care and placing the client’s needs above everything else; therefore if you start therapy with Hannah and believe it is not the right fit, she will work with you to get established with the right care and support that is right for you. She has a genuine passion for helping individuals discover their inner strengths, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

In addition to her providing therapy, Hannah actively engages in scholarly activities and social advocacy. She enjoys playing piano, video gaming, hiking, cooking, traveling, reading, creating art, and hanging out with family and friends. She has two German Shepherds and has been married 6 years now to her high school sweet heart who is a resident at Walter Reed. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DC. This reflects her dedication to lifelong learning but also serves as a testament to her desire to contribute to the academic community through. Her commitment to ongoing professional development, combined with her innate ability to connect with clients, makes her an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance and support on their path to emotional well-being and personal transformation.

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