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Massage Therapy

Massage can be an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, joint pain and headaches. Massage can also help athletes prepare for or recover from events, reduce scar tissue, improve flexibility, and improve circulation. It can be an important part of total wellness.

Before working with clients, our Massage Therapist Jacob Gough will conduct a thorough assessment to gain an understanding of their health, lifestyle and desired outcome of massage therapy. Together, Jacob and the client can determine how to incorporate massage into an overall wellness plan.

With an extensive and comprehensive background of massage and the function of the body Jacob Gough tailors each massage session to your specific needs and request. Every session will use a mixture of massage styles to deliver optimal results. The ideal client for Jacob Gough will be anyone looking for that extra push in recovery or relaxation. 


Jacob Gough has worked closely with active athletes training for marathons, triathlons, ironman and more. Using therapeutic styles to reduce the chance of new injuries or old injuries from resurfacing. Working with clients who have chronic migraines, neck and shoulder pain, hip and lower back pain. 


Using styles of stretching and deep tissue to reduce tightness allowing for relief from these common and chronic pains. It is Jacob Gough’s philosophy that no two massages will ever be that same. Using his keen sense of touch to help identify areas of discomfort, the two of you will work together to reach your goals of mind body healing. 


Techniques offered but not limited to:

  • Acupressure 

  • Aromatherapy

  • Cupping 

  • Deep Tissue

  • Gua Sha

  • Prenatal/Postnatal 

  • Sports

  • Swedish 

  • Therapeutics

Buy any package combination of four or more massage and/or acupuncture treatments and receive 10% off.

Massage and Acupuncture appointments can be done consecutively to achieve optimal relief from stress and/or pain.

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

Hot Stone Massage
Swedish | Sports | Deep Tissue


30min = $75

45min = $105

60min = $125

75min = $140

90min = $160+

Must Have Sale


6pk 60min – $660 (save $15 a session – $90 total Savings) $110 each

6pk 90min – $840 (save $20 a session – $120 total Savings) $140 each




45min = $105

60min = $130



Initial evaluation and treatment 90 minutes 

60 minute follow-up treatment: Please contact us for rates.

Aromatherapy Oil
Spa Services

Aroma Therapy



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