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Whitney Marris

Whitney Marris (THEY/SHE) is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker specializing in facilitating complex trauma recovery and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. 


Whitney applies an individualized, integrative approach to therapy, blending evidence-based trauma therapy modalities with leading-edge neuroscience concepts and time-honored healing practices. 


Whitney believes it is important to stay curious as a lifelong learner, keeping current with and continuously integrating emerging and evolving best practices to facilitate holistic wellbeing and post-traumatic growth. A session with Whitney may include elements of EMDR Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Ego State Work/IFS-Informed Parts Work, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, polyvagal exercises, creating art, doing movement, engaging in mindfulness activities, incorporating music, and practicing breathwork, among other approaches based on what aligns with therapy participants’ unique lived experiences and best hopes. 


Outside of clinical practice, Whitney helps shape the next generation of social workers as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Social Work, and also champions systemic and institutional change with the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice.


When not at work, Whitney finds joy and rejuvenation in discovering weird and whimsical things to collect, being in nature, attending live performances of any and all varieties, and taking long walks in the park with Jennifer the Schnoodle.

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My Philosophy

Whitney’s therapeutic philosophy is anchored in the belief that every person has an inherent capacity for self-healing and self-actualization within. Maintaining an open mind and open heart, Whitney serves as a compassionate companion and witness to the whole human Self of each therapy participant on their journey toward understanding, unlocking, and unleashing their full potential.


With extensive specialized training in psychedelic-assisted therapy, Whitney is committed to a harm reduction model, neither encouraging nor discouraging consumption and instead seeking to provide psychoeducation and to hold a supportive space to help people who choose to consume psychoactive substances to safely prepare for and integrate insights from their experiences.

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