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Terry Butler

Terry Butler, LPC, NCC, is a Doctoral Level Extern attending the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he is pursing his Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). Terry believes that every individual has the capacity to meet their personal challenges and raise themselves to a state of emotional wellness. By
learning through awareness and processing through acceptance, Terry seeks to invite every client into a journey to find their personal power. With understanding and choice, anyone can be who they believe they are.


With over 15 years of experience in working with clients from 5 to 65 years of age, Terry has seen and assisted individuals through an array of struggles and hardships. Some of Terry’s therapeutic experience includes aiding individuals through the following: anxiety, depression, attention deficits, identity struggles, core acceptance and advocacy, mood instability, and social maladjustment. Along with individual work, Terry also provides services to couples and families who may find themselves in relationship distress. Terry finds particular satisfaction in working with foster families who may be
struggling to build or maintain their bond.


As a fan of the world, in his spare time, Terry enjoys traveling to new places and enjoying a variety of food. After all, one can only gain understanding through immersive experiences and Terry does not shy away from diving into new and interesting environments and cuisines.

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